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Listening to your story before each project is paramount. We won’t ask you what you need. We ask what is the desired outcome of the project. This step must be completed for the project to be successful.


We will “visualize” the outcome you need, including market and competition research, as well as looking at the long term marketing strategy. Several design and strategy options will be considered.


You will be presented with several design options of your project. We’ll listen to your feedback, suggestions and concerns. This is an important step and will help to bring the project to the final conclusion.

WHY CHOOSE ANDRE and his team.

Andre Somov is the founder and creative director of PDI. He is the key point of contact on all Poissy projects while deploying a well-established team with diverse specialized expertise. He is an accomplished graphic designer, photographer and videographer, and an experienced marketing strategist.

graphic and web designer


Graphic Design, Branding Development, Video, Photography and Website Design CASE STUDIES.


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