Why You Need a Coach

Some of you are looking less for someone to do it for them and more for someone to help them help themselves. Coaching and consulting are the most tailored of our service offerings.

What is it that truly drives you? What’s at the basis of your goals? What is your BIG WHY? I believe that a business success is only possible with personal growth. Book a complimentary 45 minutes call with me. This call may save you time and money in the future. Click the button below and let’s talk.

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The key in working with me will be based on the following 3 promises:

Promise 1: I will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.

Promise 2: I will NOT hold your hand to get things done. You will need to have the desire to succeed. But I will encourage your self-discovery and growth with identifying your limiting beliefs and ways to resolve them.

Promise 3: I will celebrate your successes with you. And I promise you that there will be good things to celebrate.

It’s About The Results. But You Need To Embrace The Journey to Succeed.

What to expect on your journey:

  • You will gain clarity in your vision: This step will help you to understand more clearly what goals and results EXACTLY you are looking for.
  • You will embrace the change: Change is not easy. But change is the only constant there is, and you will start looking at change as an OPPORTUNITY.
  • You will become a better leader: This journey you will be on will help your transformation into a more EFFECTIVE leader.

On the Journey You Will Learn to Embrace the Struggle

  • Don’t expect (hope for) immediate results: This is not a quick scheme to success. There is no such thing and you will have to embrace that.
  • Don’t expect to get solutions to your struggles from your coach: No coach will hand you solutions to your problems. But you will get guidance to identify them yourself.
  • Don’t expect your coach to be perfect: Your coach also has a coach or a mentor to help him/her to move forward. We are all imperfect in our own way. That also needs to be embraced.

Two Main Forms of Coaching

Coaching for Entrepreneurs: If you run your own business and do your own marketing, we can provide an outside eye on your strategies and tactics. Through regular coaching sessions, you’ll get clear and practical insights to help you refine your efforts and measurably improve your outcomes.

Graphic Design Strategies & Standards: We can help you get the most from your in-house design resources by developing the strategies and standards on which consistent and effective design depends, and by giving you the tools to ensure it gets produced in your organization.

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