How Do We Approach Website Design process

First we listen to you. We may even ask some pretty direct questions, but we will also help you find the answers when needed. We will talk to you about the importance of well-designed architecture as well as the navigation. We’ll ask you about CMS and SEO. We will help you understand your needs. Then we go away for a bit, to do the research that is crucial in getting you the best outcome possible.

When we get back to you, you will see several website design concepts. Not only is this good for you, but this approach helps to get the job done faster, saving resources.

We specialize in designing websites that will positively surprise and delight your customers from the very beginning. Our Vancouver website design team makes sure your clients are able to navigate your site with the help of multiple links, without being directed to other sources. This process can save both time and frustration by preventing repeated loading from your site, something customers will be sure to appreciate.

While designing your website, we keep in mind that it should earn a better market value and help your company bring in higher revenues. We deliver clean calls to action that will help you convert visitors to your website into actual leads by designing rich, engaging content, images and features. After all, your website is most likely the forefront of your main marketing strategy and should therefore be a strong, virtual sales force.

We make sure that all of your digital marketing needs are taken care of before starting the design process, and integrate each specification right into our framework. Whether you want a simple site with a few pages or a large site for social networking, we make sure to cover every base to make sure your return on investment is front and center.

The Importance of Website Design in Today’s Business Environment is Obvious

A website is the best, most professional way to spread the word about your brand, products or services and your website has only the blink of an eye to make a lasting impression. That’s half a second to show your visitors what you’re all about, and in that split second users have already made their initial decision about your website.

Your customers both need and deserve a digital experience that’s tailored to their specific wants, but if you don’t know (or just don’t like) what your visitors are thinking about your website, we can help. Don’t let a poor impression prevent your business from achieving success! Try us for incredible website design in Vancouver.

Good Quality Graphic Design is Vital for a Website to be Successful

When bringing visitors to your website, graphic design is as important as the written content. Your website must look good, behave well and allow the user to find exactly what they need, when they need it. Having a website that loads quickly — and not only catches the eye, but guides the eyes around the website — is a key part of your business. That’s exactly what we deliver. We offer top-notch website design in Vancouver; you can rest assured knowing you’re working with local professionals.

How do you know that we at Poissy Design create websites that will impress your customers, and keep them interested during their entire visit to your site? Talk to our current or past clients. Your website’s success is based largely on its uniqueness, the content, and the over-all visitors’ experience, when compared to your competitors. We specialize in helping you stand out amongst the others.

The Three Basic Types of Graphic Design

You instinctively know what the three are — image-based, typographical and image plus type design. For image-based design, the idea is to take a powerful image, whether it is light-hearted or compelling, and create a strong brand impression around it. These images can be drawings, photographs or digitally designed pictures, as long as our graphic design team in Vancouver can create a complete message from it.

In typographical design, the visual message comes across with words alone. The designer works through the creative use of type, style, color and the placement of the words. With image plus type design, a combination of these two styles is balanced to create a message that is both powerful and eye-catching.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes?

Before we get started on your project, we will do a lot of research. Who are your competitors? Who is the audience for this piece? What sort of trends can be used to suit your brand and style? Do you have an established brand? How about your strategic marketing plan? Even though our research is extensive and may be time-consuming, it’s also a vital step towards creating a piece that communicates to the right demographic and isn’t anywhere close to your competitors. We intend to deliver the best graphic design Vancouver has to offer.

How About a Bit of History

What is graphic design? Throughout mankind’s extensive history, visual communication has almost always been present. From the intricate and detailed manuscripts of the Middle Ages to our present-day computer generated imaging, graphic design is simply creativity that produces a visual message for a specified audience.

The first use of the term ‘graphic design’ in print was by American book designer William Addison Dwiggins in 1922, and was used to describe the process of creating visual communication. Graphic designers in today’s society can take a particular image and shape your message around it simply and easily.

Our brains are wired to see colors and shapes before deciphering written words, which is why graphic design is so popular. In 1994, Wonderbra designed a billboard around the now-iconic image of model Eva Herzigova, which featured her picture, the company’s logo and two words – “Hello Boys.” Very little was used in the way of wording but the visual image was strong; so strong, in fact, that the advertisement caused several traffic accidents and had women all around the world clamoring to look just like Eva.

The graphic design was simple yet incredibly effective, just as all good design should be. For graphic design in Vancouver, our goal is simple: to bring you the best services available, no matter what. Our design firm starts by learning as much about your brand as possible, your goals and your requirements so we can determine which services are best for your exact needs. During this process, we’ll also find out what you aim to achieve from the design, like more sales or a better product offering. Each piece of this discussion will be covered in our Creative Brief for the graphic design before we get to work.

Website Development Has to Follow the Website Design

Your company’s website can be the strongest marketing tool at your disposal, which is why it’s of critical importance your site is responsive, integrative, fast-loading and has a cutting edge over your competitors.

A website should be designed to interact with your customers on a daily basis while still showing your unique brand and personality. With the right marketing strategies, your website alone could generate more traffic and sales than other kinds of marketing tools combined. We know what it takes to get you the absolute best website development in Vancouver, and our team’s knowledge can take you from start to finish in a professional, timely manner.

Our Programming Experience

When it comes to website development, one of the best platforms we use is WordPress. This provides our clients with the design flexibility and cost efficiency they need the most from the development stage and beyond. Our WordPress designers can create brand-new themes for your website, or use existing WordPress qualities for a variety of site installations.

WordPress currently has over 25 million users worldwide, which makes it the most popular content management system (CMS) available today. It’s easy to learn, simple to use and has a large network of developers that are able to provide templates and themes at no cost to you. When it comes to website development in Vancouver, there’s really no going wrong with WordPress.

When it comes to size, WordPress is one of the smaller CMS platforms available but it reaches far and wide. One of the biggest selling points is the overall price point when compared with other development tools, which means it will most likely comply with your company’s budget. Some of the biggest names in business use WordPress, too, like Forbes, Sony and CNN.

Post-Development Support

While developing your website, we listen to every need, want and concern you might have about your new site and combine our innovative designs and standard techniques into one beautiful result that you will feel comfortable with. It’s important to reflect your brand’s unique identity in a way the world can appreciate, which is why we follow your vision to the highest degree.

But what happens after the website is created? Rest assured, you will not be left alone to manage the site. We also provide post-development support for issues like site updates, design tweaks, adding new sections or new features and, in some cases, the subtle re-design of your site. Our customer service will continue; we hope your experience with our Vancouver website development will bring a smile to your clients around the globe.

What really is Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO?

If you own a website, one of your first priorities should be to familiarize yourself with what SEO is all about and how it can benefit your business.

In short, SEO is the practice of directing visitors to your website by making small or sometimes large changes to what the search engines look for when it comes to your site. Right keywords are important to this process, as well as the relevancy of your content; they are essentially what drives traffic to your site in less time than traditional methods.

The practice of implementing SEO for your website could consist of tweaks such as creating unique page titles, optimizing your content with keywords relevant to your industry or business, or improving the structure of your URLs, and when viewed altogether your site will jump in the ranking of organic search results. We offer successful, local search engine optimization in Vancouver, which means you know exactly who is working on your website at all times.

Why Your Website Needs It

You might be unaware of this, but there is a direct relationship to your search engine ranking and your business sales. Are you getting the traffic you want to hit the sales numbers you need? If not, then search engine optimization in Vancouver is your best bet at increasing your bottom line.

SEO is a critical component of your marketing strategy, and without it you might not see the sales you want, or need. Having a great-looking website is a good start for your business, but without traffic and visitors you won’t make the sales or increase your brand’s visibility. Your target audience is always our first consideration when we develop your website’s SEO strategy; they will view your content first, and are more than likely using search engines to find you.

How We Can Help

Search engine optimization is an important part of what we do, and our SEO experts have years of experience with search engine results and how to make them work for you. We have an endless passion for SEO and a constant drive to help your site climb higher in the search results.

Our experienced and professional SEO specialists will work with you to utilize the best strategies and techniques that will guarantee traffic to your site. With the right optimization, we can help your business enjoy huge profits and strong visibility to potential clients or customers.

We develop our websites with SEO in mind from the beginning, and always include on-site SEO best practices with clean, standards-compliant HTML5 markup. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Why We Love Content Management Platforms


WordPress is not only an incredibly user-friendly platform from which to build websites, but there’s a reason millions of users love it for their brand or business – Google loves WordPress! Since switching to WordPress for site development, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in the search results that occurred from its use. This is due to a ping that WordPress sends to all major search engines every time an update is made to your site, increasing your visibility and enhancing your overall search engine optimization (SEO).





Custom Photography? Why Not Buy Stock Images?

Stock images are often just fine. But great pictures are the difference between a good news story that grabs your attention, and one that gets glanced over. A stunning picture can make your headshot glow, or create glossy marketing material that your business can use for many years. Our professional photographers have the experience and knowledge to shoot the best pictures for each kind of media, from brochures to annual reports and everything in between.

We will come right to your office for the photo shoot, and use your natural setting at the background for your pictures. It’s quite common for us to take hundreds of shots to deliver only the absolute best of the bunch, which arrives in your hands in DVD format. Our photographer often in touch with your, or our graphic designer through this process, so you will always get the file formats your business needs; we strive to be the best not to win awards, but to get you what you need.

Video is Not A choice Anymore. It’s a Must Marketing Tool to Use.

Almost every cell phone, tablet and mobile device manufactured today has a camera built in, so taking pictures and video has exploded in popularity over the last few years. If you have the ability to shoot video but don’t have the editing software or experience to make it look professional, we can help.

Here is a sample of our work


Case Study

Client: Jacob Bros Construction
Project: 10-Year Anniversary Event Video

  • Summary: Large and well-established company relative to road building and other civil construction. The company needs to build awareness of work they do in other areas, and position themselves better for growth/diversification. This coincides with the company’s 10th anniversary.
  • Challenge: Showcase a large portfolio of varied projects in a relatively short 4-minute video.
  • Approach: A selection of the best photos and video clips on file would be used as an introduction, followed with clips of interviews with the principals.
  • Solution: High energy music and voice-over was chosen to compliment the visuals.
  • Process: Script writing | On-location video was shot (company owners) | On-location B-Roll of construction work in progress was also shot | Music was chosen | Voice-over artist was chosen and the recording was done

Full Video Production

We offer full service video solutions that are specifically designed to make production easier with the best prices for videography in Vancouver. Our professional services are designed to create high-quality videos for your business, and we’re happy to customize your video to your liking. It’s also standard that all videos are shot in high-resolution for the best graphic resolution possible.

YouTube and Videos for Your Brand

The most popular video site online right now is YouTube, and with good reason. With its creation, a world of opportunities opened up for millions of users worldwide, especially the growing business community. This means that you should treat YouTube just like another search engine and format your website with video search engine optimization (SEO) or YouTube search engine optimization (YTO).

Videos are one of the best ways to promote your business online, which is good news for you! This means that the videos you are embedding in your website have a better chance of boosting the organic traffic that will inevitably flow to you. We offer the best videography services in Vancouver, and offer many packages to choose from in order to suit your needs.

Why Branding Is Important

Your Brand is your promise to your customers. When you operate a business, your brand is the first thing people see about you. A successful brand identity lets the world know the vision, culture and mission statement that drives your business forward, and can effectively engage all five of our senses; your brand can be felt, seen, smelled, heard and savored by your customers and clients. When you combine all of these together, you complete the puzzle that is known as branding development in Vancouver.

When you use our services to develop your new identity, you have our guarantee that your new Brand will speak your language; your new “look and feel” will be consistent with the values your business represents.

How We Will Help You Define Your Story

At Poissy Design, we know just what it takes to design the visual and web-interactive parts of your brand identity. Our professional branding specialists will make sure your brand comes to life by elevating the overall perception of your company through the use of logos, apps and websites dedicated to spreading awareness of your brand.

Before we begin to even start the design process, we will help you define your Archetype. Who are you as a business? What do your represent? When we begin your identity design project, we work on creating a visually appealing logo that will remain timeless through the ages. Your marketing materials will drive your customers to action, promotional materials, professional signage and websites that will actively engage users through participation and branding.

Branding Development and You

There are many situations where brand development can help further your business, gaining new customers while positioning your brand in front of as many people as possible. Here are a few situations in which our Vancouver branding development can help businesses like yours:

  • Starting a business.
  • Launching a new marketing campaign.
  • Developing a new product.
  • When your competitor’s brand identity is stronger than yours.
  • When you need to unite your products under a single, clear brand to form the perfect image of your company.

Brand research and measurement, combined with clear strategies for brand positioning and value propositions, lays the brickwork for your company’s success and makes sure your brand really comes to life. We only design experiences that ensure your customers will come back again and again, and work closely with you and your team to bring your vision to life.

The right branding development can evoke a wide range of emotions from your current and potential clients and customers, and we wholeheartedly believe in the power of emotion as a driving force. Let us work with you to develop your brand into something beyond your wildest dreams, and see where the future can take you!