Before any web site development process you have to ask your self a few key questions. The more precisely you can formulate these questions, the better your chances that the answers will be relevant and will help you and your team to create an effective and attractive web site. This in turn will bring you more visitors and more potential clients. 

The ability to ask the right questions before any web site development is among the most critical skills for a web designer

Even tough there isn’t a guaranteed way to always avoid the embarrassment of forgetting something after the launch, it’s important to continually question your work when doing any web development. Even taking a moment to simply ask, “Does this work?” at any stage of the design and programming may prevent a disaster down the line.

Some questions will have to be asked regarding the project management, for example: Has the content been written; or what are the project key timelines?

Others will have to deal with the design: Why to use or not use certain colours; or what font will be the most effective to make the web site readable?

Then there will be questions about your audience and their Internet browsing experience, like: “Will the site be mobile-friendly?”

What technology will be used for the development of course is as important as all of the other decisions you will have to make. What Content management System (CMS) is the best for this site? Does the code validate?

So take your time and create the questionnaire that best represents your needs. Use any of the tools available on Internet to help you with the process.

Web Site Wish List

Make sure to do your homework before getting to deeply into the project, ideally before you start. Internet is full of good tools and resources. One such resource to consider is This website will take you through the process in several easy steps, guiding you with many suggestions and tips. One advantage when using this resource is the ability to email your questions and answers to anyone after you conclude the process.