Don’t you think this is the digital marketing age? The last five years have seen people shifting from laptops and desktop computers towards smartphone. Mobile apps are becoming popular day by day. People today now prefer to shop from their smartphones and if your mobile app is not present in their smartphone app listings, you’re going to miss a hell lot of customers on daily basis. We all realize that online world is the best communication made in the whole world as you can reach your targeted audience in shortest possible time period. Regardless of the business you’re running online, what matters is how you’re actually presenting your business online. Here are top 3 reasons why you need to get a mobile friendly website:

1. The Primary Reason to Get a Mobile Friendly Website or Mobile App – The Brand Effect

The primary purpose of your business is to reach more and more customers and eventually get the maximum revenue from your business. This is only possible if you’re a famous brand name in the heads and hearts of your customers. Do you know about the first item people often like to grab when they wake up and the last thing they often take away from their eyes? Yes, it’s their mobile and if they have downloaded your mobile application, you’re more likely to become their personal favorite brand. So a mobile app basically will help you gain the brand image you may lack today.

2. Quick and Timely Communication

The capitalist system of the world is purely based on time investment. People today don’t have time to sit and patiently open their desktops for shopping. They will prefer using smartphones for this purpose as this is the best way to communicate quickly. For instance, if you’re running a salon business online and you don’t have a mobile app to facilitate your customers to book their appointments or communicate with you quickly to sort out their concerns about your business; you’re most likely to lose a whole range of customers. The easier method you will be offering to your customers, the more opportunities you will get to grab the attention of customers.

3. Importance of Google and its Marketing Principles – The Most Important Reason for having a Mobile Friendly Website

No one can deny the fact that you cannot succeed in your online business unless you’re fully following the rules and regulations of Google. Google today emphasizes on having mobile friendly websites. Here is how its new update will indirectly convince you to get mobile friendly website for your business:

Google’s New Update About Mobile Friendly Website

Recently, Google came up with its mobile-friendly update known as ‘MobileGeddon’. The purpose of this Google’s new mobile update is to make web resources work more efficiently on mobile devices. It has started impacting billions of websites from 21 April, 2015. Now websites’ rankings will also be judged on their ‘mobile friendliness’ for users. We hear lots of queries from the internet world. Here are 4 frequently asked questions about Google’s new mobile update ‘MobileGeddon’:

  1. What are the changes which Google have made in its algorithm in this recent mobile update? How will it change the new online marketing criteria on Google?

Google’s new algorithm is focused upon ranking app content, deep links, indexing content, mobile responsive design, JSS and CSS. New crawler of Google will be crawling over single-page web applications which mostly rely on JavaScript. You can see efficient mobile responsive designs in single-page web applications by surfing on Hulu, TechCrunch and The Google Play Store etc. However, not much focus has been offered to the websites’ speed and recognizing mobile errors as Google’s crawler now does not collect information through a website’s speed rather it uses feeds to get your website’s information.

  1. How will my website be impacted by this Google’s new update if it’s not mobile friendly?

Cutting out the technicalities, if your website is not mobile responsive, it will certainly be facing repercussion not only for mobile users but also for desktop users in the long run. It will affect your website’s ranking factors and bounce rate negatively. It is likely that your website will not be gaining any mobile traffic in this case after April 21.

  1. What if I redirect my website to a mobile sub-domain? Will Google’s new update still be impacting its performance or not?

That’s a very tricky question. Earlier, Google did not focus more upon mobile responsive design and considered it as a minor error but now it seems to be focusing more upon recognizing the viable mobile responsive websites. So in this case, redirection of your website to a mobile sub-domain may deprive you of mobile responsive websites as according to Google’s mobile update, your website, should have mobile responsive design along with adaptive mobile domain service.

  1. Will I need a mobile app for my website to save from Google’s penalty?

Definitely NOT! You can still make your website mobile responsive and make it mobile friendly. You can easily create a mobile responsive site by creating a promotional mobile responsive landing page of your website. You can see the website, Tinder, for this purpose as it will be in the best interest of your businesses and we advise you to focus on getting a mobile responsive site rather than spending tons of money on creating your mobile application for users. However, if you think that you have enough budget and potential customers of your business in the market that you can maintain your website as well as develop its mobile application, it will certainly be considered a “value add” for your potential customers.

So it can be stated that this Google updated is indirectly convincing us to get a mobile friendly website, otherwise our business can really face failures in online business.